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10 best diet and health tips for the holiday season


We all think of Christmas as a happy, fun time – and it should be – but Christmas also comes with extra pressures. There are parties and social events, work events, and family to deal with; and the social pressure of having to “keep up” can add to stress. Traditionally Christmas is a time of over-indulgence – and perhaps that’s partly in reaction to all the pressures.

Today JustAnswer gives you ten top tips for keeping yourself healthy during the festive season.

1) Eat a really good, healthy breakfast that keeps you going without feeling hungry until lunchtime. Steel oats are a great choice at this time of year as they are warm, filling and gives you slowly-release energy all morning long. You’ll be less tempted to snack during the day if you’re not feeling hungry all the time.

2) Keep hydrated. You’ll feel fuller when you’re drinking plenty of water.

3) If you’re going to an event with a buffet, follow a few simple rules. Eat what’s best for you first – so fill up your plate with vegetable-based food and healthy proteins like salmon or chicken. Don’t stand next to the buffet table – move away, so you’re not tempted to snack constantly.

4) Keep your eye on what you are drinking. Alcohol is full of empty calories and can bust a diet in no time.

5) Don’t go Christmas grocery shopping on an empty stomach – shopping when hungry fills up your cart with a lot of tempting extras you normally would pass up.

6) Keep a food diary and be honest. This will allow you to see exactly what you’re eating, which means you can make a sensible choices about when to be strict and when you can get away with a bit of indulgence.

7) Eat a healthy snack with a little protein, such as handful of almonds or a cheese stick, before going out. You’ll be less tempted to fill up on calorie-laden canapés later.

8) Keep a stash of healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts at work. That way if you are tempted, you can make a healthy choice instead of snacking on office treats such as cookies or hot chocolate.

9) Try to make time for regular exercise. Christmas is busy with events and family and you may find it hard to keep up your usual routine – but work to build time for some exercise into each day. You’ll feel better, and you’ll be on a roll by the time New Year´s rolls around.

10) Give yourself permission to indulge! Everyone needs a treat, and if you build in some indulgence you´ll be less likely to bing or over-indulge. So, don’t beat yourself up over the occasional holiday treat – you have JustAnswer’s blessing to enjoy!

JustAnswer is here for you for all your health and diet needs during the festive season. Have a question about your individual health and diet? Experts on JustAnswer can provide help, 24/7.

source : https://www.justanswer.com/blog/category/health

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