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20 Reasons to Choose Meditab in 2020


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As we head into 2020, it’s the perfect time to look back with that 20/20 hindsight to understand why so many healthcare providers are choosing Meditab in their clinics and practices.


20 Reasons to Choose Meditab in 2020

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Over 20 years of creating innovative healthcare solutions and collaborating with 4000+ providers.

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97% of Meditab providers achieved MIPS scores that qualified for $500 million exceptional performance.

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88% of customers prefer doing business with companies that offer quality customer service. Meditab offers 24/7 live support and a dedicated account manager (AM) per client.

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100% built-in software, designed in-house, developed and customized the way you want.

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In a survey, 93% of respondents claimed that specialty-specific EHR templates best-supported patients requiring individualized documentation. IMS caters to 40+ specialties.

Users Icon380,000 and counting satisfied users make up our “Meditabian” community.

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Our existing customers like us because we take good care of them—we have a 99.8% retention rate.

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41% of US consumers would switch doctors to gain access to their ePHI. You can give them mobile access and so much more with IMS Patient App.

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Your patients are now utilizing mobile technology more than ever, and you should too. Take your workflow on the go with IMSGo.

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94% companies saw security improvements after switching to cloud storage. Meditab’s Cloud Hosting service provides you with an expert team to host, backup, and protect your data 24/7.

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97% of patients are frustrated with long wait times. Accelerate your check in process with with IMS OnArrival, your automated receptionist.

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64% providers say advanced analytics tools are important in reporting. Our products provide simple tools for reporting the measurements your practice needs to run efficiently and effectively.

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IMS increases practice efficiency by 80%. Meditab’s all-in-one EHR helps you focus on your patients more and less on paperwork.

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57% of patients want to try virtual visits. Televisit offers remote consultations that help expand the delivery of care.

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70% of patients are likely to choose providers who offer reminders or follow-ups via email or text. Keep in touch with your patients with IMS InTouch service.

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77% of patients want to be able to book, change, or cancel appointments online. Appointment Booking System allows your patients to book an appointment directly from your website.

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68% of consumers start their mobile health research with a search engine. Meditab can help your clinic create and maintain your website and make your practice more visible on the internet.

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$125 billion is lost due to medical billing errors. We won’t let this happen to your practice. Our highly trained remote billers will take care of all your billing needs.

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With 290 million+ successful transactions annually, OpenEdge is our payment processing partner. Experience faster, easier and cost-effective transactions when you switch to OpenEdge.

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AllergyEHR has been named #1 EHR Vendor Ambulatory Allergy & Immunology by Black Book Rankings. Designed by allergists for allergists, AllergyEHR combines a certified, award-winning EHR, with a comprehensive immunotherapy module on a single platform.


What a time to be a Meditab partner! If you want to see more of what we’re offering, visit our website.


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