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2015 Health Tips: Detoxing isn’t on the list


Planning on detoxing in early 2015? You might want to think again. Touted by some dieticians, nutritionists and fanatics, detoxing has become a near New Year phenomenon, and there’s now a multi-million dollar industry of cleansing and detoxing products to support the movement. As you may well know by now detoxing and cleansing refer to the idea that we need to rid the liver, kidneys and intestines of the unhealthy build-up of toxins in our bodies due to bad diet, stress and environmental factors like air and water quality.

Now many doctors and health practitioners are starting to speak up about the science and truth behind the idea of “detoxing.” According to many doctors, including those on JustAnswer like Dr. Chip, your liver, kidneys, digestive tract and skin are your body’s built-in self-cleaning machine. In fact, that’s one of the main jobs of those organs: to clean out toxins. So your body detoxes just fine on its own; what can you do instead?

The recommendations by doctors on JustAnswer will take the pressure off eating nothing but kale and keep you from getting hungry early in the New Year.

Eat a nutrient-rich diet

Research a healthy, nutrient-rich diet to fit your tastes and lifestyle. Dr. Chip recommends the Eat to Live diet by Joel Fuhrman that focuses on maximizing nutrients in your food so that your body gets the nutrients you need without having to eat a lot. Make sure to include fiber in your new diet, but get the fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole foods.

Drink more water

Your metabolism depends on it. If you’re eating the right diet, including lots of fruits and vegetables, you should be getting a fair amount of hydration from those, but if you’re thirsty, drink water, about a glass an hour is a good rule of thumb.

Eliminate process foods and sugar

Probably the sneakiest culprit of a bad diet is processed foods; they’re filled with hidden sugars that can pack on the pounds. Try to stop eating sugar altogether from all sources including sugary drinks, sweeteners, and processed foods like cereals and crackers that contain a lot of sugar. Eating more protein can help will sugar cravings, so grab a handful of almonds when you want to grab a cookie.

Skip the caffeine and alcohol for a while

Besides sugar, your body will also welcome a break from caffeine and alcohol. As Khagihara, another doctor on JustAnswer points out, what many people may be feeing when they are cleansing and detoxing is not necessarily about what they are eating, but what they’re not eating, like alcohol, caffeine and sugar.

If it’s just too hard to skip it altogether, shoot for true moderation. Studies show that limiting caffeine to below 300 milligrams a day, or two cups of strong coffee, keeps it within a healthy range for your body. 

As for alcohol? Well, if it’s an issue, work towards that small 5oz. glass of red wine or 12oz beer a day for as long as you can. Your body will love you for skipping it altogether, but do your best!

Last but not least, exercise

You can’t just diet and expect your body to feel a lot better. You have to get out there and move. Plus, it boosts your endorphins, which could help give you a positive outlook on 2015.

Here’s to your health and happy new year!

Give yourself a New Year’s treat and talk with a doctor now about a plan for healthier year.

source : https://www.justanswer.com/blog/category/health

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