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4 Big Ways mHealth Apps Can Redefine How Doctors Practice Medicine


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Clinics are often some of the busiest places you’ll see. On any given day, medical professionals must communicate with staff, administrative personnel and, of course, their patients. As a result, carefully managing schedules and care coordination are necessary for doctors on the go. 

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Source: Mobile Health Market Report by Research2Guidance 

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There’s no doubt that the mobile EHR app industry is thriving. Doctors should now find a mHealth solution that helps them stay constantly current with their work, giving them the freedom to transition seamlessly between work and life. IMSGo, a mobile EHR app from Meditab, does just that. 

IMSGo gives doctors unparalleled accessibility, whether they’re in the office, at home or on the go. In fact, IMSGo can redefine how physicians practice medicine.

Top 4 Reasons Why IMSGo Benefits Busy DoctorsIMSGo Software Open on a Phone

1. Communication and Point-of-Care Resourcing

Pulling up patient information on an iPad or any mobile device not only streamlines the clinical workflow, but also allows for more interaction with the patient. 

With any mobile device, doctors who use IMSGo can have direct two-way communication with staff and patients which makes quicker response times possible. 

2. Coordination of Care

Accessing a patient’s history and clinical flow charts anytime is efficient for doctors when it comes to care coordination. Since patients also use mobile devices on a large scale, this improves the patient-provider relationship. 

With IMSGo, doctors can now focus more on patient-centered, value-based care delivery. 

3. Easy to Track a Patient’s History

One-click access to a patient’s information is far more efficient than maintaining paper records. The great thing about IMSGo is that doctors can access a comprehensive record of their patient’s information from anywhere. IMS Software open on a iPad

4. Keep up with Regulations Easily

Documenting MIPS and MACRA compliance is one of the most cumbersome activities for physicians; in a busy office, medical professionals don’t have a lot of time for compliance measures while taking care of patients. 

With IMSGo and its integration with IMS, compliance measures are built into the software, so doctors can still focus more on their patients while still being able to document their compliance to quality payment incentive programs.

IMSGo’s intuitive modules and ease-of-use allow doctors to prioritize tasks at their own pace. Now doctors can be productive in and out of the office, allowing them to achieve real progress in real time and on-the-go. 

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