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A Few Easy Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle – You are what You Eat


Changing your diet can be one of the toughest changes to make. As we leave the holiday parties, candies, drinks and food behind it is a great time to reexamine your daily food intake and the potential areas for improvement. If you’re trying to lose weight, avoid fad diets. Studies have shown short-term diets usually result in additional weight gain. Everyone can benefit from healthy eating habits and these tips, from our Expert Dr. Zhu, are ones to keep with you throughout the year.

  • Balanced diet is key – Avoid saturated and trans fats, empty calories (think sugary drinks and refined carbohydrates) won’t provide any nutrients or make you feel full.
  • Everything in moderation – It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it is full so give your body time to communicate.
  • Regular food intervals – Avoid reaching the starvation zone by keeping healthy snacks (think almonds or fruit) nearby.
  • Simple calculations – At the end of the day managing your weight is simple math. If calories consumed equal calories expended, you keep the same weight. While counting calories isn’t necessary it is good to remember when thinking about which snack to enjoy.

Healthy eating habits are just one piece of the puzzle. Be sure to incorporate exercise and plenty of sleep into your daily routine to be your best. Need advice on how to kick start a healthy lifestyle? The Experts at JustAnswer can help.

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