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Can I reduce excess, flabby skin without surgery?


Q: Is there a non-surgical way to reduce excess skin? I had lipo and also lost weight, and there remains excess skin on my abdomen and back. (I’m a 56-year-old female.)

A: No, the amount of skin that is left loose after a liposuction cannot be reduced without surgery. You would need to see a plastic surgeon, ideally the one who did your liposuction.

There are purported skin-tightening treatments that some aestheticians do with lasers. However, if you have lost enough weight that your skin is “grabbable” and not just slightly loose, no suggested non-surgical treatment will resolve that issue.

You could consider this FDA-approved option. But there’s no guarantee of reliable results.

Unfortunately exercises won’t help this, as they lose fat and tone muscle. Working out does not change your skin.

— Answer from Daniel Sheibley, MD, a physician on JustAnswer.

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