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Hit the refresh button this spring


Now that winter is over, and the days are getting longer and warmer, it’s a great time to begin simple lifestyle changes that will leave you healthier, less stressed, and happier.

For example, housework can be great exercise. Vigorous chores such as vacuuming can burn 165 to 250 calories an hour, and help get your heart in shape too, as well as counting towards a healthy number of steps each day.

Spring is also a great time to work towards a fitness goal and it’s much easier to be active in warmer weather. Cycling, running, and other outdoor activities pick up in spring and early summer.  

Start small, and build up gradually, so that your new habits become part of your life – that way, you’ll only ever be a few steps from good health.

While you’re hitting the refresh button, it’s worth remembering that good health isn’t just physical. We need to pay attention to our mental happiness as well.

One way of making sure we’re happy is to pay attention to our social lives, and make sure we are meeting friends regularly. Everyone needs time for enjoyment and it’s really important that we have time to ourselves too — doing what we want to do.

Spring is also a great time for a take stock of our relationships. Pay a little attention now, and you’ll receive the dividends later. If you make time to connect with your partner and friends, even if it’s just a fifteen minute chat over dinner, then you’ll feel much happier.

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