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How to get help for long-term effects of bullying


Q: I was bullied through most of my school life (I’m now 19), and I think it has really affected me in terms of the anger I still feel, which I take out on other people at times verbally. I was a very shy person while at school and did not answer back to people which they took advantage of and pushed me around. I would really appreciate help with coming to terms with what happened to me because it really is affecting my present life.

A: Bullying can have long terms effects both on how you handle problems and your style of communication. Because this was so intrusive it can cause someone to shut down or leave them feeling angry and resentful. This can result in someone being withdrawn or hesitant to build healthy relationships.

You are still young and you can change the way you see people or situations. I would seek out a therapist even for a short time to address how you see others and treat others. They can process any anger that you feel and teach you new ways to relate to others. You can find a Expert by logging onto the site for the American Counseling Association or the American Psychological Association. You can also try our publication magazine which is Psychology Today.

You can find someone to bring you out of your shell that bullying has created. Sometimes bullying can create a personality that is withdrawn but this can be addressed with a Expert.

— Answer from Deborah Huber, a licensed clinical Expert counselor on JustAnswer.

Daily Answer is excerpted from the JustAnswer archives and features information provided by a Expert on JustAnswer.

source : https://www.justanswer.com/blog/category/health

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