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Is a Juice Cleanse Good For You?


After an indulgent holiday season we are all looking for a way to shed the additional cookie, sweets and drink poundage. Nowadays it seems like people are jumping on the cleanse bandwagon whether it be for a day or a month. According to the companies that sell these regimens, they can help you get back into your jeans, improve your skin, get your digestive system back on track and remove toxins from your body. We wanted to see what our experts thought about the safety and efficacy of a juice cleanse.

The Benefits Are Temporary at Best

Our Expert, Dr. Phil, says that these cleanses are not good for you and there is evidence that juice cleanses can cause electrolyte disturbances. He does not believe they are safe or effective in helping you achieve weight loss. These cleanses can deprive you of crucial nutrients and calories, forcing your body into starvation mode. The weight you lose will be accompanied by a slower metabolism meaning once you are done cleansing, you will gain weight back.

Cleansing with Sugar!?

There is little scientific evidence that cleansing actually rids the body of toxins. Some critics say the cleanse craze is a new term for dieting and endorsed by celebrities. In addition, many cleanses have what the American Heart Association deems an unhealthy mount of sugar–five times more than the recommended daily dose! If you want to make sure you get your daily vegetable allowance add a green juice into your daily diet but it should be one part of a balanced diet. If you are really looking to cleanse your body of toxins you should focus on whole foods that are packed with activity boosting nutrients which nourish your liver, lungs, kidneys and colon.

If you want additional information about how to develop a healthy eating plan or additional information about cleanses feel free to ask an expert at JustAnswer.

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