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My crown fell out. Should I glue it with Fixodent?


Q: I have just lost a crown. It appears intact, just no longer where it should be. I have a dental appointment for three days from now. Should I reseat the crown with a bit of Fixodent for the time being, or keep it safely contained until my appointment?

A: If you are not unduly comfortable, and the loss of the crown does not present with too much of a cosmetic liability, it would be best if you kept the crown in a safe place where it will not be lost. The use of denture adhesive does not provide a reliable bond, and the loosening of the crown could potentially allow it to be lost, swallowed, or (more catastrophically) allow it to enter your respiratory tract.

Leaving the crown off the tooth for a couple of days will not expose the tooth to any real risk, and the prudent thing at this point would be to leave it off the tooth, if possible.

The only exception is if your tooth is sensitive, in which case a better strategy than using a denture adhesive would be to purchase a small quantity of temporary dental cement at your local pharmacy.

— Answer from Mark Bornfeld, DDS, a dentist on JustAnswer.

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