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Should the whole family get flu shots?


The seasonal flu typically peaks in January or February but it can strike as early as October and last through the month of May. The seasonal flu is considered to be highly contagious and can be fatal for certain populations. Medical professionals believe you can contract the flu when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Additionally, if you touch a surface or an object that the flu virus is on and subsequently touch your mouth, eyes or nose contracting the diesase is likely. Given how easily you can contract the flu, it comes as no surprise that flu shots are advertised as early as September. The question remains, who should be getting an annual flu shot?

Dr. Chip, a Medical Expert on JustAnswer, provided us with the following guidelines for flu shot administration.

Older Adults: In general anyone over the age of 60 should get the vaccine as they are at a higher risk  

Teenagers and Adults: Typically flu shots should be administered to younger people who have a history of lung problems, diabetes, cardiac disorders, should also be vaccinated.

Pregnant Women: It is highly recommended that pregnant women get the vaccine as they have a higher risk of complications if they get the flu while pregnant.

Children: For a child, that should really be left up to his pediatrician’s advice. Just the usual cold–even if he gets a lot of them–isn’t a reason to have the vaccine.

In general, the real reason for vaccinating someone is if they’re at risk for serious complications if they contract the flu – not just to keep them from getting it.
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source : https://www.justanswer.com/blog/category/health

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