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The robot doctor will see you now


JustAnswer has created an A.I answering service, effective from today. All your questions will be now answered by Pearl, a robot Expert artificially programmed with answers to an incredible range of topics, including Law, Medicine, Veterinary, Mechanics, Tax, and more.

The Pearl robot will be updated daily by a team of Expert researchers to ensure cutting-edge responsiveness to policy and the latest scientific research.

Pearl – the robotic Expert who will meet all your needs!

Time to check out today’s date…

…were you fooled?

Your health – your physical, financial, mental, technological, and legal health – is far too important to be entrusted to a robot.

No robot could ever have the answer to every question posted on JustAnswer.

Each question comes from you, an individual client with a particular situation – and that means you need a personal bespoke answer that takes your precise circumstances into account. And that means you need a human being to speak to.

On JustAnswer, you are able to put your concerns to a real Expert, a qualified professional who has been verified in our two-step process, and who will be empathetic to your concerns. There’s no “Computer says no!” with JustAnswer – just Experts who are keen to help solve your problems.

Whatever your question, Experts on JustAnswer are ready to help, 24/7. Ask your question today.

source : https://www.justanswer.com/blog/category/health

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