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True or False: Olive Oil


True or False: Olive oil goes rancid after a month on the counter.

Because of its healthy fat content and delicious flavor, olive oil has become the preferred oil in many households; but does it go rancid sooner than we realize?

In order for olive oil to stay fresh, it should remain in an airtight container and be stored in a dry, cool place. If stored properly this way, olive oil can keep for as long as 18 months to two years after the production date. If you prefer to keep your olive oil out on the counter, it won’t last as long from the heat and light exposure, but can keep for 4-5 months.

All olive oil, extra virgin or not, will eventually go rancid. Poor olive oil production, which is more common than most people realize, can also create “fusty” olive oil, due to the olives fermentation while processed. Many of us frequently consume rancid olive oil because we haven’t learned to distinguish rancid from fresh olive oil. Here are a few quick guidelines to determine if you olive oil is fresh or rancid:

Fresh olive oil:

  • Has a pungent, fruity smell
  • Should taste like fresh green olives

Rancid olive oil:

  • Will smell like stale nuts or crayons
  • Have a bitter taste without the fruity flavor
  • Have a greasy feel in your mouth when you sip it

Final verdict? FALSE. Good news: Olive oil can keep for much longer than 1 month.

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