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Ways to fight atherosclerosis without drugs


Q: What is the best way to cure atherosclerosis without resorting to surgical procedures or heart bypass surgery or pharmaceutical drugs? (I am a 48-year-old man.)

A: The root cause of atherosclerosis is actually inflammation. Inflammation in our bodies can come from stress, poor diet, infection and injury. Thus, the way to prevent and even improve one’s own cardiac status is to eat a healthy diet (limit processed foods like bread, alcohol, pasta, etc), exercise moderately, and find activities you LOVE.

In general, men over the age of 35 are recommended to be on 2 baby aspirin a day (162mg), which is the same as half of an adult aspirin. Not only does it reduce your risk of a heart attack by more than 1/3 it also reduces your chances of colon and prostate cancer by about 40%.

Of course, this is general information and should always be verified with your personal physician.

— Answer from Dr. Hanes, certified emergency physician on JustAnswer

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