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What is the healthiest sleeping position?


Q: What is the best sleeping position? Is it OK if I sleep on my back with my knees up and my feet flat on the mattress?

A: Most people change sleeping positions multiple times during the night. In general on the back is the most recommended position since it rests your back and neck in alignment. On the side is the next favored.

The position you described isn’t one that can be maintained for hours since it requires muscle tension to keep the legs in position. As the person falls asleep, the legs relax and slide down toward the foot of the bed so you are basically sleeping on your back.

It’s actually quite relaxing to lie in that position for a while as soon as you go to bed, since it relieves strain on the lower back. In fact, I do it myself! As soon as you fall asleep, though, it is normal for the legs to go limp and relax so you’re lying more or less straight.

— Answer from Schuyler A., a registered nurse on JustAnswer.

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