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What’s the surgery like for donating a kidney?


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Q: I am donating a kidney this month to my husband, who is in end stage renal failure. I’m 63 and have some questions about the surgery, like how much pain is involved and how long will it last? When can I resume normal activities?

A: First, I commend you on this priceless and generous gift to your husband.

The procedure is pretty painful, but there is excellent pain control that they will offer you while in the hospital, and they will prescribe strong pain killers after the surgery. (Ironically, it is much easier for the recipient than for the donor.)

You will probably start to feel like yourself and be able to resume completely normal activity at about two weeks. You might still have some recovering to do after that, but you should be able to resume normal life.

One thing that will help you after the surgery is to walk around as much as you can. This helps rid the body of gas that builds up during any laparoscopic surgery.

— Answer from Dr. Charogat, a physician on JustAnswer.


source : https://www.justanswer.com/blog/category/health

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