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When is open enrollment for health insurance in 2022?


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What is open enrollment for health insurance 2022 and when does it start/end?

Open enrollment is when millions of Americans shop for health insurance starting November 1st, 2022, and ending on January 15th, 2023. These plans are popularly known as Obama Care, Affordable Care Act, and Marketplace plans. Everyone who currently has a plan on the marketplace must shop for a new plan for next year because their existing plan will end on December 31st, 2022. Your deadline is December 15th for your plan to have a start date of January 1st. This window of opportunity is very important because if missed there is no way to enroll in a health plan for the rest of the year until the next open enrollment unless you have a qualifying life event.


What Happens During Open Enrollment? 

During open enrollment, people can sign up for a new health insurance plan or make changes to their existing plan. This includes switching to a new insurance company, changing from an individual plan to a family plan, or adding or removing coverage options such as dental or vision. 

It’s also during open enrollment that people can choose to enroll in a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA). These are both tax-advantaged accounts that can be used to save money for medical expenses. 


What If I Don’t Have Health Insurance? 

If you do not have health insurance, you can sign up for a plan during open enrollment. If you do not enroll in a health insurance plan during open enrollment, you may have to wait until the next open enrollment period to enroll in a plan. 

Additionally, if you do not have health insurance and do not qualify for an exemption, you may have to pay a fee when you file your taxes. The fee for not having health insurance in 2021 is 2.5% of your household income or $695 per person, whichever is higher. 

How Can I Save Money on Health Insurance?

There are a few ways to save money on health insurance. One way is to see if you qualify for any subsidies, which are discounts offered by the government to help make health insurance more affordable. You can also shop around and compare different plans to find one that fits your budget and your needs. And finally, remember that preventative care is always cheaper than treatment, so focus on staying healthy and avoiding illness whenever possible!



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