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Why do I have small bumps after Botox treatment?


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Q: I had my first Botox today, between my brows and tiny bit in my forehead. Immediately after I noticed bumps/puffiness at the injection site, almost like mosquito bites without redness.  Eight hours later they are still there, just two symmetrical bumps over each brow.  Help?

A: It is too early to make definite judgments about these “bumps.” The bumps may be slight normal inflammation (swelling) at the injection sites in which case ice compresses and some gentle massage may help these lumps to disappear. If the lumps (bumps) persist for longer than a day or two, then you might wish to discuss the bumps with your doctor.

Botox is a solution that will cause some muscles in the area between your brows to be weakened for about six months. Frowning and creasing in this area will decrease. Botox itself will not cause any permanent lumping (bumps). Your brow should look better in a few days and have a better appearance that will last a good while.

— Answer from Dr. Herb Goldberg, plastic surgeon on JustAnswer.

source : https://www.justanswer.com/blog/category/health

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